Business lines
BAU Group is a full-cycle engineering company that includes its own design bureau, production facilities and installation and construction department. At present we are actively developing seven product lines.
  1. Agricultural industry:
    1. cow barns

    2. greenhouse complexes

    3. elevators and silos

    4. granaries

    5. minifarms

    6. pig farms

    7. poultry houses

  2. Office buildings;
  3. Business and Trade:
    1. car service

    2. storage facilities

    3. shops

    4. shopping centres

  4. Industrial buildings;
  5. Transport:
    1. garages

    2. canopies and bus shelters

    3. hangars

  6. Paint shops;
  7. Campgrounds, parks and glampings;
  8. Fences, dust and noise screens, cattle fences;
  9. Solar and wind power facilities;
  10. Power grid supports;
  11. Modular boiler houses and heating points;
  12. Checkpoints;
  13. Parking areas and parking lots;
  14. Sports grounds and children playgrounds.
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BAU foundation

We design, manufacture and install «turn-key» screw foundations. Their basis is, depending on the project, screw cone-spiral piles or blade piles with forged and other types of tips. BAU technology has a patent on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Our own design bureau, modern production, high-quality raw materials, as well as hot-dip galvanized protection, which is performed in accordance with the State Standard, ensure the highest performance characteristics of the foundation. Its reliability is confirmed by multiple independent tests and twelve years of use in different soils and climatic conditions.

Metal structures

The BAU group of companies produces metal structures (grillage, canopies, beams, columns, ties for modular buildings and structures), fences, noise and dust screens. We manufacture standard products as well as custom designed products.


BAU fences are designed for private and industrial facilities and individual customer requirements and application conditions are taken into account. Noise and dust screens, for example, near roads, noisy industrial or transport facilities, open coal storage facilities, etc., require individual development from the design stage to the manufacture and installation.

Modular Buildings

Our own design bureau and production base allow us to implement turn-key projects of any complexity and territorial remoteness in the field of modular buildings. Our wide portfolio of partner contracts allows us to go beyond just one technology. In accordance with customer's needs, we design, supply and build both frame and modular buildings.


BAU Group has a Selfregulating Organisation (SRO) licence to perform its design activity. This business line develops projects both for BAU Group and for third-party customers. Full staff of designers and constructors provide the opportunity to work at the design of buildings, structures, structures of a full cycle. In case the project is implemented by BAU Group, the work based on the single window principle allows you to make adjustments as soon as possible. We develop all sections of the project documentation, which is necessary to pass the expertise and to perform construction and installation works, including all engineering systems of the building.


Since most customers prefer to work on the entire project, including installation, the company has launched an independent direction – service and construction and installation works. SRO licence has been obtained and technical equipping has been carried out. An authorized network of partners enables us to perform construction and installation works, as well as to provide geodesy and geology services in several regions simultaneously.


BAU Group is an engineering company that provides full-cycle services – from the development of the project concept to its turn-key implementation.

The form of cooperation, which we offer, provides our clients with a number of considerable advantages.

First of all, due to the combination of services and supplies, and the absence of intermediaries they have an opportunity to optimize the project cost.

When we are working at the complete project, we do not have to maximize profit at every stage, as it usually happens when the work stages are distributed among different performers.

We have developed a strong production base for 12 years of work. Moreover, a wide portfolio of partnership contract terms with participants of construction market has been formed. That allows us to be flexible and work out a final offer, which is based on the needs and opportunities of the customer.

Our team of full-cycle professionals accompanies the project and works directly with the customer, ensuring seamless connection of all project stages within the framework of the single window principle. Thus, the rule, that there should be only one responsible for the result, is followed, it also ensures for the customer transparency and manageability at each stage.

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As a result, our client saves money, receives the product in one window. Does not waste time and nerves to dock suppliers, builders and designers. Launches a project faster, meets deadlines and starts earning faster.

Technology and materials options

A pool of trustworthy partners, ensuring the delivery of goods and services in accordance with the BAU quality standard.

Own design bureau, production facilities

Significant scientific and technical base, field tests and work as a member state commissions and working groups working in the system of quality management standard.

Turn-key implementation

Provision of full-cycle services and guarantee for full-cycle services, single window principle, i.e. project management from the initial stage to commissioning.

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